PUMP-FLO® Premium

PUMP-FLO® Premium

A Subscription-Based Pump Selection Software for End Users.

PUMP-FLO® Premium is a subscription-based product in the PUMP-FLO® family of products designed to assist end users in pump sizing and selection. Premium allows companies to search across multiple pump manufacturer's catalogs based on system design requirements. Users can also size and select centrifugal pumps based on design-specific system requirements.

This tool provides a place for companies to find the best pump solution to meet their needs, search across multiple digitized catalogs with ease, enter in design requirements, save lists, compare performance curves across separate manufacturers, gain access to energy costs per pump, and go after competitive bids armed with all the right information.



  • Web-Based Pump Selection
  • Search Across Multiple Manufacturers Catalogs
  • Increase Market Visibility
  • Search by Pump Catalog, Type, Speed and Operation
  • Design Point Search
  • Dynamically Generated Performance Curves
  • Ability to Save Selection Lists
  • Support Custom Fluids
  • Advanced Search Criteria
  • Motor Selection and Sizing Criteria