PUMP-FLO® is the industry’s leading hydraulic selection software. It offers the advantages of commercially available software technology including a broad-based feature set, affordability, scalability, ongoing software enhancements and technical support.

The technology is used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors and pump users worldwide. PUMP-FLO® is currently licensed by over 150 pump manufacturers around the world.  In addition, we have over 24,000 distributors and 400,000 registered users of our web-based pump selection portal.

PUMP-FLO® offers our customers the advantages of commercially available software technology including broad-based feature set, affordability, scalability and choice of platforms. PUMP-FLO® is available in several different implementations. Manufacturers and distributors can choose the appropriate solutions based on their business and technical requirements. The specific solutions that we offer are listed below.

PUMP-FLO® Family Products

PUMP-FLO® Insight: Insight is a web-based product configurator that is customized to fit your specific business needs. Insight covers the front-end sales process of product configuration, pricing and quote generation and backend support integration with ERP and CRM systems.

PUMP-FLO® Connect: Connect is designed to assist manufacturers in the pump selection process. Connect provides a place for companies to list their digitized catalogs of performance curves in a convenient, affordable and securely hosted cloud environment.

PUMP-FLO® Premium: PUMP-FLO® Premium is designed to assist end users in pump sizing and selection. Premium allows companies to search across multiple pump manufacturer's catalogs based on system design requirements.

PUMP-FLO® Desktop: Desktop is a PC-Based tool that provides a place for companies to find the best pump solution to meet their needs, search a single digitized catalog, enter in design requirements, save lists, view multiple pumps, review performance curves, gain access to energy costs per pump, customize graph displays and make design notes all in one place.


PUMP-FLO® Family