PIPE-FLO® Modeling Services


Simulating Systems

With our PIPE-FLO® Modeling Services, we'll ensure you have a system model quickly and easily to begin realizing the hidden profit within your fluid handling systems. 

ESI engineers will document and draw your system based on provided documentation. Get system simulation tools integrated into your plant operations quickly with an ESI engineer performing the initial system model build, discussing the model and analysis results and enjoy an onsite walk through to ensure a representative model.

PIPE-FLO® Modeling Services are charged on an hourly fee, making them cost advantageous for large or small systems.


'We used PIPE-FLO® to model a water flood field in EOR service. Your software was one of the easiest and allowed the ability to enter pump curves and control valves to estimate system curves with multiple pumps operating in parallel operation and a dynamic system.'

- Process Engineer | Occidental Petroleum Corporation



  • Optional onsite walk through to ensure a representative model
  • Reduce the initial setup and system model build time
  • Our engineers will discuss the model and analysis results with your operations team
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by having an ESI engineer document and draw your system

Technical Demonstration: 

See your models in action. ESI will present a technical presentation on the ease of use of PIPE-FLO® Professional using your models. The easy-to-use modeling interface allows designers, engineers and operators to advance productivity. See how easy it is to optimize and troubleshoot new or existing fluid piping systems in an hour-long demonstration.

Additional Information:

We speak your language. From one-on-one instructor lead training to our PIPE-FLO® Modeling Services, we understand customer training requirements are unique to each business. Contact Engineered Software today and find the hidden profit in your fluid handling system.