Commercial Grade Dedication

The Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) Plan for PIPE-FLO® Professional provides customers in the nuclear industry with a method of accepting PFP for use in the design analysis on Safety-Related (SR) Structure, System, or Components (SSC) and non-safety related piping systems. This CGD Plan can be adopted as-is or in-part by the purchaser to assist them in the CGD of PIPE-FLO® Professional.

PIPE-FLO® Professional is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software program that performs steady-state
hydraulic and thermal analysis of both safety and non-safety related plant piping systems. PIPE-FLO®
allows the user to model and simulate the operation of fluid piping systems consisting of pipelines,
pumps, tanks, control valves, and other piping system components.

PIPE-FLO® calculates the steady-state flow rates through each pipe and component, as well as the total
pressure at the inlet and outlet of each component and node, that satisfy the Conservation of Mass and
Energy in a piping system network, based on user-defined boundary conditions and design data that
defines the hydraulic performance of each component.

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