PIPE-FLO® Professional Stock Module

With the all-new PIPE-FLO® Professional Stock module, users can accurately and easily model any pulp and paper slurry piping system.

Pulp suspensions have unusual flow behavior that are not easily replicated in standard analysis software. PIPE-FLO® Stock provides head loss and pressure drop calculations in accordance with the TAPPI standard TIP 0410-14. Additionally, all pump calculations are performed using the methods outlined in the Hydraulic Institute Standards for Centrifugal, Rotary and Reciprocating Pumps. Performance data can be manually entered or selected from an electronic catalog supplied by supporting pump manufacturers and then calculated for users. Control valve performance is derived using the method outlined in the Instrument Society of America Standard ISA S75.01 Flow Equations for Sizing Control Valves.

PIPE-FLO® Stock:

  • Selects centrifugal pumps from manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs
  • Takes into account additional process components such as control valves, chests and vessels, screens and strainers, and spray headers
  • Includes properties for 21 common pulp suspensions including krafts, straws, sulfites, newsprint and groundwood 
  • Allows creation and modification of your own pulp description to correspond to your unique suspension
  • Provides ability to investigate alternate operating conditions for the stock piping system prior to making capital expenditures

PIPE-FLO® Professional Family