PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite

PIPE-FLO Professional Lite - NOW AVAILABLE!

PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite simulates the operation of small piping systems transporting liquids and industrial gases under a variety of expected operating conditions. PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite provides accurate results for series, branching, and looped systems (both open and closed) with up to 75 pipelines. If you can draw your piping system, PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite will show you how it operates.  


PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite Highlights

  • Design new systems / Plan expansions up to 75 pipes
  • The elimination of complex, confusing, and outdated spreadsheets
  • Communication and documentation between engineers, designers, managers, and operators
  • Profitability through optimization and energy conservation
  • Understanding the value of potential changes and capital investments
  • Increased system uptime
  • Comparing actual vs design hydraulic behavior


Ease of Use

  • Includes one year of unlimited engineering/modeling support
  • Personalized quick start training
  • Over 6000 pre-programmed fluids
  • Clearly visualize and share important piping system parameters
  • Select pumps from PUMP-FLO®'s database of over 100 pump catalogues
  • Model entire systems; including open, closed and branched systems with built in drawing tools
  • Export and import data



  • Model updates in real-time
  • Design new systems, plant expansions, and manage startups/shutdowns/variable loads
  • Simulate and troubleshoot abnormal conditions
  • Evaluate multiple operating and hypothetical scenarios
  • Adjust pump speeds and system settings (VFD - Variable Frequency Drive)



  • Safety is critical; PIPE-FLO® Professional Lite ensures that equipment manufacturers' operating specifications are met
  • Premier application for control valves
    • Utilize actual valve data and control schemes
    • Valve calculator based on valve type, trim, and control
    • Ability to manually position valves
    • Choked flow and calculation warnings
  • Calculate pressure, flow rates, choked flow, total head, NPSHa, and more on pumps
  • Based on industry recognized principles and standards from ASMA, HI, IEC, AWWA, ISA, ANSI, and NQA*
    • Crane Technical Paper 410 (TP-410)
    • Control valves per IEC and ANSI/ISA standards
    • Pumps per ANSI and HI standards
    • Flow meters and orifices per ASME standards
    • Heat exchangers per TEMA standards
    • Pipelines with stock slurries per TAPPI standards
    • Pipe tables from ASTM, ASME, and more

* ANSI/ISA-75.01.01, IEC 60534-2-1 Mod, ANSI/HI 1.1-1.2-2008, ASMA MFC-3M-2004, ASME MFC-3Ma-2007, ASME MFC-3M-1989 R1995, ASME MFC-14M-2003, ASTM B36.10M-2004, ASTM B42-10, ASTM B42-10, ASTM B43-09, ASTM B301-12, ASTM B345(M)-11, ANSI H35.2-2009


Communicate and Document

  • Visualize entire systems
  • Pre-populated and customizable reports
  • Display only the parameters relevant to you
  • Clearly communicate between engineers, clients, managers, designers, and operators
  • Colorize the model with gradient colors covering 20 different design parameters

PIPE-FLO® Professional Family