PIPE-FLO® Overtime

NOW AVAILABLE! PIPE-FLO® Professional v16 and the NEW Overtime Module!

PIPE-FLO® Overtime module takes the PIPE-FLO® Professional piping system model one step further by simulating piping systems as conditions change over a specified period of time.

With user defined operating profiles, PIPE-FLO® Overtime can forecast tank levels, pressures, flows, and pump operations resulting from evolving conditions. Overtime takes the snapshot simulation capability available in PIPE-FLO® Professional and creates a sequence of simulations that can be paused, fast-forwarded and reversed to analyze shifting results for a specified period of time. 

Results for any number of parameters and devices can be graphed and overlaid to provide a visual heartbeat of the process. 

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Model Changing Systems

  • Forecast tank levels, pressures, flows, valve positioning, and pump operations
  • Simulate Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with logic and rules
  • Create events and curves to represent specific operational trends
  • Investigate multiple scenarios



  • Fully integrated into the PIPE-FLO® Professional program
  • Overlay graphs of multiple parameters and devices
  • Live updates as the simulation is progressing in the PIPE-FLO® Professional model
  • Playback the simulation to focus on specific time slices
  • Perform process safety management analysis
  • Visualize interdependence of system elements

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