Evaluating the performance of piping systems in compressible gas applications is challenging, especially where there are high velocities or significant changes in density. PIPE-FLO® Compressible makes critical analysis much more manageable. The easy-to-use interface allows users to draw piping system models quickly and enter design data for installed and planned equipment. PIPE-FLO® Compressible calculates pressure drops and balanced flow rates using a combination of convergence methods to rapidly close on an accurate solution.


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Pipe-flo® Compressible

Modeling and evaluating complex piping systems such as compressed air, steam, natural gas distribution, and pressure relief headers are possible with PIPE-FLO® Compressible. Detection of high-velocity lines and choked flow is simplified and assists in the identification of problem areas in your compressible gas system.


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Limits of Darcy
Fixed Flow of Compressors


PIPE-FLO® Compressible can be used in all phases of a gas piping system’s lifecycle. It simulates the operation of piping systems transporting compressible fluids under operating conditions and eliminates bottlenecks in compressed gas systems while reducing operating costs.

PUMP-FLO® Compressible Features:

  • Easily locate pressure drop on a pipeline
  • Calculate sonic choking
  • Design high-pressure drop systems
  • Design multiple scenarios
  • Find system choke points
  • Customized printed reports
  • Manually control values
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