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Modality ILT  
Price $1095  
Duration 2-Day  
PDH 16  

Next course is scheduled for June 6-7, 2017 in Seattle/Renton, WA.


The two-day FLO-Master Training seminar provides attendees with a detailed understanding of how piping systems operate. By simulating the interaction of pipelines, pumps, components, and controls throughout the system participants will gain a greater knowledge of piping system devices and how they operate.

During the FLO-Master Training, instructors demonstrate a comprehensive step-by-step approach to using PIPE-FLO® which covers features, tips, and tools that are not available through the basic program tutorial.

After attending a FLO-Master Training seminar, attendees will be able to build PIPE-FLO® system models faster, tackle the most complex fluid piping project, and design a more efficient piping system.

Who Should Attend

FLO-Master Training seminars are ideal for those currently using or interested in using the PIPE-FLO® Professional program to design, build, operate, and maintain fluid piping systems. Both new and experienced PIPE-FLO® Professional users will gain from this class because it covers everything from piping system operation to a comprehensive exploration of the PIPE-FLO® software. 

Course Objectives

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Build a PIPE-FLO® Professional piping system model in less time
  • Use fluid flow theory to gain an understanding of the total piping system
  • Maximize the use of PIPE-FLO® Professional's program features and increase productivity while decreasing capital, maintenance, and operating costs

Course Topics


Topic 1 Day 1: PIPE-FLO® Introduction

  • Program Interface
  • System Devices

Topic 2 Day 1: Building a Model

  • Initiating a System
  • Fluid Zones
  • Pipe Specifications
  • Draw the System
  • Enter Design Data
  • Improve Presentation Value
  • Calculate the Model
  • Evaluate Results
  • Using Graphs
  • Using Reports

Topic 3 Day 1: Calculations

  • Calculate the Model
  • Evaluate Results
  • Using Graphs
  • Using Reports

Topic 4 Day 1: Validation and Operating Scenarios

  • Validate Model
  • Creating / Copying Lineups
  • Evaluate Minimum Flow Recirculation Orifice
  • Evaluate Varying Operating and Equipment Conditions
  • Failure Analysis
  • Changing Fluid Properties

Topic 5 Day 1: System Modifications

  • Duplex Strainer Tie-In
  • Resize Pipes
  • Resize Strainer
  • Resize Pump
  • Size Control Valve
  • Dedicated Pump Option
  • Pump Selection
  • Size Control Valve


Topic 1 Day 2: Using DataLink

  • Create ODBC Database
  • Query Database from Excel
  • Use Database to Calculate Pipe Weight
  • Install DataLink DLQ Add-In

Topic 2 Day 2: Engineering Data Tables

  • Downloadable Data Tables
  • Table Manager
  • Customizing Pipe Tables
  • Customizing Valve and Fitting Tables
  • Fluid Tables
  • Custom Pipe Specifications

Topic 3 Day 2: High Point with Siphon Effect

  • Modify System
  • Evaluate Messages
  • Install Control Valve at Tank
  • Install BPV at Tank
  • Install Balancing Orifice at Tank

Topic 4 Day 2: Variable Speed Pump System

  • Primary / Secondary Systems
  • Expanding a System
  • Balancing After an Expansion
  • Pump Reconfiguration
  • Pipeline Reconfiguration

Topic 5 Day 2: Compressible Gas System

  • Limits of Darcy-Weisbach
  • Review System and Lineups
  • Evaluate Messages
  • Compressibility Check Sheet
  • Update Model, Pass Compressibility Check
  • SCFM vs. ACFM
  • Choked Flow in Control Valve


FLO-Master Training Manual:

The FLO-Master Training Manual is a 200+ page full-color course manual and is the ONLY authorized guidebook available on PIPE-FLO® Professional. 

Continuing Education Units:

This training seminar qualifies for 16 Continuing Education Units (CEU) or 16 Professional Development Hours (PDH) needed to meet the continuing education requirements for Professional Engineers in many states.

Course Certificate:

At the conclusion of the training course, attendees will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, with a course content description included for confirmation of Continued Education Units.  

Triton Towers

707 South Grady Way, Suite 525

Renton, WA 98057

Training Schedule

Current Schedule

Course Date Location
 Jun 06, 2017 - Jun 07, 2017 Renton, WA
Jun 06, 2017 - Jun 07, 2017 Renton, WA
 Sep 12, 2017 - Sep 13, 2017 Renton, WA
Sep 12, 2017 - Sep 13, 2017 Renton, WA
 Nov 07, 2017 - Nov 08, 2017 Renton, WA
Nov 07, 2017 - Nov 08, 2017 Renton, WA

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