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ESI Learning provides and develops top-notch training courses to keep engineers, plant operators, and maintenance personnel up-to-date on the most recent engineering standards and best practices. Keeping pace with the ever-changing engineering industry demands knowledgeable professionals to help design, operate, and optimize piping systems. Many courses offered by ESI Learning qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH) required to meet the continuing education development standards set for Professional Engineers throughout the US.

At ESI Learning, we understand your training needs and are here to assist you in finding the optimal educational path for you and your team.


Throughout the year, ESI Learning offers several self-paced training programs, digital webinars and custom, on-site training opportunities around the world. Check the ESI Learning schedule regularly to stay up-to-date and find a training session that fits your schedule.

Course Date Location
 Nov 07, 2017 - Nov 08, 2017 Renton, WA
Nov 07, 2017 - Nov 08, 2017 Renton, WA

Courses Available

The ESI Learning division offers several training courses on industry-related topics ranging from Centrifugal Pumps to Piping System Optimization that bring valuable information to industry professionals.


ESI Learning prides itself on having the most qualified, up-to-date, and knowledgeable instructors in the industry. ESI Learning instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to each training session and give your team the training for success.

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