Selecting a Pump for the Total System

I am often asked the best way to arrive at a design point for pump selection. My initial response is to understand how the pump elements will interact with the processes and control elements. This is necessary to get a clear view of the system as a whole, and to meet the systems design requirements. When all the elements of the piping system are working together, the system will meet its design requirements while minimizing the total lifetime costs.
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Hydraulic Institute Announces HI Board of Directors and Officers; Christy Bermensolo, CEO

The Hydraulic Institute announced new leadership during its Annual Conference in March. John H. White, Jr., CEO of TACO, Inc. took over as Chairman and John Kahren, President SPP Pumps, Inc. was elected President, each for a two-year term. In addition, three new directors joined the board of Directors for three-year terms:
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System Simulation as a Troubleshooting Tool

Often, I am asked why a customer’s system is not operating properly. In many of the cases I have limited operational experience of the customers fluid piping system. By breaking the system down into the pump, process and control elements, one can quickly understand how the piping system operates. Since most of our customers used our piping simulation software they will also include a system simulation file of their system in question.
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