Hydraulic Institute Launches P•SMART (Pump System Modeling and Reporting Tool)

Parsippany, NJ – The Hydraulic Institute (HI) offers P•SMART software (Pump System Modeling and Reporting Tool) built to help mechanical engineers, pump end-users, engineering consultants and distributors to simulate pump operations prior to installation to better understand the effects on pipeline systems.
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LACEY, WASH. -- PUMP-FLO Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), announced its, the free pump selection website, now has over 250,000 registered users. The PUMP-FLO software suite used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors, and pump users/specifiers, is the global leader in the pump selection process. The software is used in the sizing and selection of pumps, showing dynamic pump curves, and aids purchasers and suppliers in the configuration process.
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Engineered Software Announces Upgrade To PIPE-FLO Software

Engineered Software Inc. has made an addition to its Pipe Tables used in the PIPE-FLO, PUMP-FLO and Flow of Fluids piping system design software. The new piping table is for Cross linked Polyethylene (PEX) SDR9 Tubing. This follows on the heels of a recent approval for PEX tubing for use in water distribution systems into the California Plumbing Code.
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