Mining and Metals


Mining and Metals include Iron Ores, Copper Ores, Lead and Zinc Ores, Gold and Silver, Ferroalloy Ores, except Vanadium, Metal mining services and Metal Ores. The US focus is Iron, Copper, Lead Zinc, Gold and Silver, all hard rock minerals.

Open pit and underground mines continually need to remove water.  This process is called dewatering and is necessary to allow for safe and continuous operation. The extraction and refinement of Ore requires the distribution of large quantities of acids, caustic, and water for mineral and metal processing. It takes approximately 400 to 800 gallons of water to recover one ton of copper. The extraction and beneficiation of these minerals use large amounts of water, generate significant waste, and results in the need for water treatment and reuse. Compressed air may also be involved in the refining process.

PIPE-FLO® Professional simulates the de-watering, beneficiation, and liquid waste treatment systems found in a wide variety of mining applications. The software intuitively allows engineers and plant staff to determine the proper locations of dewatering pumps, evaluate the cost of various liquid process within the mills, along with the ability to analyze the waste treatment and reuse systems. PIPE-FLO® stores design and operational data, allowing users to reorganize and modify the model at any time to set up new scenarios or proposed modifications prior to making capital expenditures.

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