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Providing efficient cooling is a key focus area for both new and existing facilities. From a reliability standpoint, cooling systems must run continually to prevent downtime associated with overheating. Standards require even the lowest tier data center to guarantee 99.671% data availability; mission critical Tier 4 centers must guarantee 99.995% availability. From a cost standpoint, multiple sources indicate over 40% of a data center’s ongoing energy costs are for cooling.

Considering the reliability and cost concerns combined with today’s energy-conscious environment, it is even more crucial to understand energy distribution and how it is used throughout the piping and pumped systems that support the cooling requirements. The causes of wasted energy in pumped systems are often overlooked, such as oversizing during initial design, imbalanced systems and the basic lack of understanding of how individual components affect system performance and vice versa. Overlooking these elements will impact both operating efficiency as well as cause unnecessary wear and tear on equipment, resulting in increased downtime and maintenance costs.

PIPE-FLO® Professional enables design engineers to optimize system performance while eliminating wasted energy required in a data center cooling system. With systems modeled in PIPE-FLO® Professional, new designs can be understood from a variety of potential operating conditions, existing centers can be monitored to detect variations from expected behavior, and the impact of retrofits and expansions can be determined with confidence, quantifying the energy savings or additional capacity prior to capital expenditures and costly modifications.

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