About Us


The year was 1980 in Indiana, Pennsylvania where Engineered Software, Inc. co-founder, Carolyn Popp took courses in Microcomputer programming while her partner, Ray Hardee worked at a coal power plant, where he used a programmable calculator. Due to the extensive data entry, they realized there had to be a more efficient way to calculate the flow of fluids. Carolyn soon began writing the award winning software known today as PIPE-FLO® on a wooden door held up by a kitchen stool and TV box. Fast forward to 1982 – the year when TIME Magazine’s “Man of the Year” was a computer - ESI was born. Soon afterwards, PUMP-FLO® and NET-FLO were developed and the software was packaged as the FLO-SERIES. A majority of the first copies of the software were sold in Portland, Oregon at the Pressure Vessel and Piping Show.
With nearly a decade under their belt, ESI hired their first employee, began interfacing with AutoCAD and jumped on board with Windows version 1. After a few successful direct mail marketing campaigns, ESI was able to land Goulds Pumps – one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world.

It’s now mid 1990’s and ESI’s employee count has reached double digits and their sales department was born. This allowed Ray and Carolyn to attend events such as the National Software Retail Association where they met Bill Gates and talked personally about the future of Windows. Soon afterwards, PUMP-FLO® hit the ‘world wide web’ – known today as the internet.

In ESI’s 35 years of existence, it has grown into a global software provider for over 3,000 clients worldwide. With partners such as Weyerhaeuser, Shell Oil and Chevron, ESI continues to grow through their unsurpassed software development and ethical business practices.

Our Products

Engineered Software, Inc.’s hydraulic analysis program, PIPE-FLO®, is widely used for Engineering, Commissioning and Operations of gas and liquid piping systems around the world to help companies design, optimize and reduce capital and operating costs of their fluid piping systems.

Originally conceived in 1986, PUMP-FLO® was the world’s first centrifugal pump selection program. Today, the PUMP-FLO® suite of products is used by pump manufacturers, distributors and buyers to streamline their pump sizing, configuration, selection, quotation and pricing processes.

The most recent addition to ESI’s growing portfolio of products is ESI Learning. Launched in 2008, ESI Learning offers several training courses on industry related topics ranging from Centrifugal Pumps to Piping System Assessment and Optimization that bring valuable information to industry professionals.

Our Vision and Mission

Engineered Software, Inc. envisions a world where fluid piping systems are intelligently designed to leave a smaller environmental footprint while improving the reliability and ROI of industry's hidden infrastructure.

ESI’s Mission is to assist our customers in realizing energy efficiencies through improved piping system understanding and superior equipment selection.

We do this in three ways:

1. Develop flexible software which simulates, troubleshoots, and communicates the optimal operation of liquid and gas systems over the lifetime of a facility.

2. Create intuitive software for efficient pump and equipment selection and configuration.

3. Advance industry knowledge and propagate best practices in the design and operation of plant systems through strategic partnerships, industry advocacy and educational programs.

Leadership Team


Christy Bermensolo came to Engineered Software, Inc. in 2006 from Intel Corporation, where she advanced from a chassis and component design engineer to a senior engineer on Thermal and Mechanical System Integration. Her work spanned from large server systems, including the first IA-64 bit server, to enabling components and desktop architecture design. During this time, Bermensolo is credited for developing a patent for a connector (#6,146,176) used in the interconnection of the CPU to Memory Module on the first IA-64bit Itanium server. 

As the Vice President of Engineering at Engineered Software, she devoted her expertise to managing and developing a team of engineers to create technical collateral to support product development, training products and technical publications. She was also instrumental in developing interdepartmental processes to aid in the development of world class software products for the fluid handling industry.

Currently, Bermensolo leads a talented management team dedicated to relentless customer focus, the innovative development of our products and the advancement and empowerment of our employees. Through transparent and efficient business operations, Bermensolo is the leading force behind ESI’s emphasis on solving the technical challenges of the fluid hydraulics industry.

Bermensolo serves on the Pump Systems Matter (PSM) board, a non-profit educational affiliate of the Hydraulic Institute. PSM works to build awareness of the importance of pump system optimization with pump manufacturers, pump users and pump system operations.

Previously, Bermensolo was the team captain of her swim team at the University of New Mexico, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. She has also earned an MBA from The Foster School of Business at the University of Washington in June 2015. Her other passions include her family, skiing, bike touring and triathlons.

Joseph Benefield, Executive VP of Products

Joseph Benefield has over 30 years of technical and leadership experience in several disciplines and industries. Benefield holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Fullerton. Benefield joined Engineered Software, Inc. after working in management and program management with Intel Corporation for over 17 years. Benefield was responsible for managing teams and the delivery of computer systems and component hardware analysis, design, and products.

Throughout his career, Benefield has applied fundamental engineering and organizational principles to a variety of problems and industries including energy research, composite materials production, electronic product design and production, and product and technology planning.

Todd Bermensolo, Executive VP of Technology & Business Analytics

Todd Bermensolo has over two decades of engineering and technology experience in the semiconductor and computer software industries.

Starting with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho, Todd continued on at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a certificate in Strategic Technology Management (STM). The STM program is designed for engineering students focusing on high-level strategic technology/business decisions and developing leadership skills.

For over 18 years, Todd worked at Intel Corporation where he led multiple teams geared around server platform design, architecture and performance improvement. His primary focus was on server computer signal integrity, where he was project lead for two server platforms from initial architecture to final product launch. Todd later established a new organization chartered with advance high-speed I/O modeling, led and managed a team to create accurate, high-fidelity and fast PHY models at 10Gbps and greater. Todd published several conference papers, served on conference technical program committees, and was awarded a US Patent.

Beginning in 2015, he started to explore the Data Analytics and Data Science field by earning several certificates through John Hopkins University and ESSEC Business School. In 2017, Todd joined the team at Engineered Software, Inc. to assist with data management and analytics. Soon advancing to Executive Vice President of Technology and Data Analytics, Todd manages a team of software developers and technology experts that create software to meet our customers’ fluid handling selection and analysis needs.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. As a family, they spend time skiing in the winter, and boating & cycling in the summer. His other passions are tinkering with electronics and computer hardware, studying cooking & nutrition, and practicing martial arts.

Ray T. Hardee, P.E., Founder

As one of the principal founders of Engineered Software, Inc., Ray Hardee is a co-creator of PIPE-FLO® and PUMP-FLO® software. Hardee, who graduated with honors from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY, spent several years as an officer in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power program. After his service, Hardee’s career spanned over 13 years in the power generation industry where he worked for Ebasco Services. There, he was involved in the start-up and test group where he would perform the preoperative tests for both nuclear and fossil power plants.

Recently, Hardee has been a contributing member on several committees that were responsible for authoring the Optimizing Pumping Systems Guidebook and the standard ASME, EA-2-2009 Energy Assessment for Pumping Systems.

During his time at Engineered Software, Hardee authored Piping System Fundamentals: The Complete Guide to Gaining a Clear Picture of Your Piping System and has also contributed dozens of articles and papers to various magazines such as Pumps and Systems, Treatment Plant Operator, and Water World. As a recognized author Hardee has given over thousands of presentations and is actively teaching in the hydraulic world.

View Ray's extended bio here


Carolyn Popp, Founder

Founder, Carolyn Popp has been with Engineered Software, Inc. since 1982. As co-creator of PIPE-FLO® and PUMP-FLO® software, she developed the early versions of each product and guided all software development in the company until 2007. Popp has been one of the driving forces in Engineered Software Inc.’s success. Popp received her Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Saint Bonaventure University in Olean, NY. She also graduated with a minor in Physics, cum laude, and was first in her department.

Prior to starting the company with husband and co-founder Ray Hardee, Popp's experience stems from three years as a software developer for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Her previous experience also includes working as a Software Engineer at Aerojet Nuclear and IBM.