Schendt Engineering Corporation is a veteran-owned, emerging small business that was established in July 1999 to provide engineering design services to commercial, institutional, industrial, and government clients.

The company provides design experience for system requirements relating to central heating and cooling plants, steam distribution systems, hydronic distribution systems, HVAC systems, energy management systems, plumbing systems, fire protection systems, and control systems. They provide effective economic decisions by listening to their clients, getting to know their user and their facility, defining the problem and providing appropriate quality control.

Ted B. Schendt, P.E. and Principal of Schendt Engineering has used PIPE-FLO® since 1997 to conduct hydraulic analysis of chilled water, high-temperature water, natural gas, and steam distribution systems, primarily on large campus settings.


2912 Beacon Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-9207
Industry Overview


Schendt Engineering conducts system analysis in very large campus settings including a 1 million square foot Compaq computer facility and a large Veterans Administration Medical Center. These systems are extremely complex and require both skilled engineering and a hydraulic analysis program that allows users to diagram their system and conduct complex calculations. To meet their hydraulic analysis needs, Schendt Engineering turned to PIPE-FLO®.


Schendt has used PIPE-FLO® on 40 to 50 projects over the past 8 years to conduct hydraulic analysis on large campus systems. By utilizing PIPE-FLO® during a recent project, Schendt was able to save his clients energy and maintenance costs by eliminating three unnecessary pumps.

“We were working on a project at a large Veterans Administration Medical Center and we modeled their system in PIPE-FLO®. In analyzing the data from the program, we could tell that the tertiary pumps were unnecessary. They had a series of Variable Speed Drive pumps that were simply idling because they were not needed. We were able to take three pumps out of the system, saving our clients both energy and maintenance costs,” Schendt said.

“We have also modeled the entire hot and chilled water system in a one million square foot Compaq computer facility using PIPE-FLO®. Now, when there is a proposed change to the system we can simply go in and update it to understand how the changes will affect the system,” Schendt said.

“PIPE-FLO® allows us to do scenario analysis which would be too complicated to do manually. When we are working on large systems we do multiple runs, constantly doing modifications to analyze the system. PIPE-FLO® makes that process easy,” Schendt added.