R.B. Mosher Picks PUMP-FLO® Selection Software Solution

LACEY, Wash. — PUMP-FLO® Solutions, a provider of software solutions to the pump and fluid handling industry, recently announced that R.B. Mosher, a distributor of products and services to the petrochemical, oil, power and municipal industries, has awarded PUMP-FLO® Solutions a contract for its ePUMP-FLO™ web-based selection software.

Under terms of the agreement, R.B. Mosher will license the full featured ePUMP-FLO software including a hosted online pump selection solution and lead generation & management tools.

R.B. Mosher will utilize the ePUMP-FLO software to streamline the pump selection process for its internal sales representatives, distributors and global customer base. The ePUMP-FLO software will significantly enhance R.B. Mosher’s existing website (www.rbmosherco.com) with an advanced online pump selection platform. In addition, R.B. Mosher will take advantage of ePUMP-FLO’s lead generation and management tools.

“R.B. Mosher plans to utilize the pump selection tool on their website, providing their customers with an easy, effective way to start the pump selection and purchasing process. ePUMP-FLO technology allows forward thinking companies like R.B. Mosher to modernize their sales process and provides access to the full product catalog online,” said Shannon Steketee, Product Manager of PUMP-FLO Solutions. “Along with our strategic partners, PUMP-FLO® Solutions is committed to helping R.B. Mosher streamline its internal business processes. R.B. Mosher is the latest among the growing list of 85 leading industrial pump manufacturers who have leveraged the PUMP-FLO® technology to improve traditional business practices.”

The ePUMP-FLO software program utilizes a powerful web-based search engine and user defined criteria to navigate across R.B. Mosher’s entire product line. Once a user selects a desired pump, the program displays a dynamic pump curve and data sheet.