Wright Process Systems

PIPE-FLO® Modeling Services 

By Niki Horace | Engineered Software, Inc.


Wright Process Systems (WPS) is a full-service design and build contractor serving the food processing industry that focuses on working as partners with their clients to create more productive systems. When a client came to them with a large, time-sensitive project, they recognized the best way to support the customer was to supplement engineering time with external help. The project required progress on all engineering workflows in parallel and partnering with Engineered Software, Inc. and their PIPE-FLO® Modeling Services (PFMS) made perfect sense considering ESI’s expertise and the logical partitioning of workflows for WPS to outsource.


WPS used PFMS to help solve the hydraulic calculation and modeling issues.  For this project, WPS needed the software to analyze multiple operating states and conditions through a complex piping network associated with dairy operations. Since one element can have a large impact on the entire system, it was critical to the success of the project to have the system modeled accurately, and, since the system performed different functions depending on what process state it was in, having the ability to evaluate the system with multiple operating scenarios was key.

Looking at various conditions of production and clean-in-place systems, PFMS was used to assist in optimizing pipe sizes, flow rates, pump speeds, control valve sizing and selection, control device sizing (such as orifice plates), and even minor details relating to operating procedures.


The communication throughout the process was unified; with Engineered Software, Inc. being the experts on PIPE-FLO®, there was no need to explain the details of ‘how’ to model. WPS was able to shift focus on the core of ‘what’ to model.

WPS’s utilization of ESI’s services with a focus on drafting and layout of the system created time savings that freed up WPS internal resources to focus on calculations and ensure correct representation on how the system operated.