Engineered Software, Inc. Announces New Website Launch

Director of Sales and Marketing, Niki Horace |

Engineered Software, Inc. Announces New Website Launch

January 15, 2018 – Lacey, Wash., – Engineered Software, Inc. has recently launched its new website; the first in 3 years.  The newly-branded site aims to introduce and educate customers in piping and pumping technology innovation. PIPE-FLO® Professional and PUMP-FLO® are world-leading tools that capture new opportunities for profitable growth in multiple disciplines and industries.

It’s simplistic design, improved functionality, and enhanced content are focused on Engineered Software’s mission: to be the industry leading pump selection and fluid flow analysis software provider.

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many new features and functionality.


  • By popular demand, PIPE-FLO® Professional ‘Request a Quote’ can easily be accessed in the navigation bar
  • Rapid-response functionality allows capability with all browsers and mobile devices
  • PUMP-FLO® customers can now navigate their journey by area of interest
  • Interactive ‘Press’ search bar filters articles, case studies, and customer success stories for easy accessibility

Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest Engineered Software’s industry news through the ESI News Brief subscription.  The ESI News Brief contains richer online content such as technical tips, industry news, featured product information and articles written by ESI’s senior engineers.  This valuable content will also be contained in online press pages, so the users are one click away from useful and pertinent information.


Founded in 1982, Engineered Software, Inc., located in Lacey, Wash., is the leading software developer for piping systems worldwide. With thirty-six years of experience in the software development industry, ESI’s portfolio includes PIPE-FLO® Professional, PUMP-FLO®, and ESI Learning product lines. For more information, visit, or email