Maximizing Pump Modeling with All-New Pump Operating Modes

PIPE-FLO® Professional Version 15 incorporates several improvements to existing features as well as all-new heat transfer functionality, 15 new calculations and enhanced reporting and automatic solutions for several over-controlled scenarios. One of the new features in PIPE-FLO® Professional v15 is the addition of three new operating modes for the centrifugal pump and sizing pump devices. The new discharge pressure, suction pressure and temperature control operating modes provide more flexibility for the user to model real-world process controls and evaluate system performance in PIPE-FLO®.

For the centrifugal pump, each mode is a variable speed mode that calculates the speed needed to satisfy the hydraulic requirements of the piping system based on the pump’s performance curve. Pump input power and efficiency are also calculated. For the sizing pump, the new modes provide a means to calculate the total head required by any pump for sizing and selection purposes. Since the sizing pump device does not have performance data, the pump speed, efficiency and input power cannot be calculated.

Pump Operations Dialog

The operating mode for both pumps is set using the operations dialog (Figures 1 and 2). The operation mode is a new field in the design section of the property grid for the sizing pump and replaces the flow rate design field in versions 12 and 14. The flow rate, discharge pressure and suction pressure are set by selecting the respective radio button in the operation dialog and entering the desired value and unit of the set point. The temperature control mode can only be set by selecting the pump as a flow control device for either the heat source/sink or heat exchanger.

Figure 1. Centrifugal pump operation dialog with new operating modes.


Figure 2. Sizing pump operation dialog with new operating modes.