Brighten Lives Luncheon

Philanthropy (N): the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people.

If you have been a subscriber of the ESI News Brief for any amount of time you probably already know that philanthropy isn’t just a noun in the ESI office. It’s a verb. In fact, not only does the company encourage philanthropic giving, ESI co-owners, Ray Hardee and Carolyn Popp, often lead by example.

One such example took place last month, in which Popp attended the annual Brighten Lives Luncheon in support of Senior Services for South Sound, a local non-profit that ESI has donated to for several years.

“Senior Services for South Sound provides much more than nutritional support for senior citizens,” said Popp. “They provide fellowship for seniors who otherwise would not have any. That’s why we support them”

According to a statistic from the Senior Services for South Sound, one in six seniors in the United States may not know where their next meal is coming from.

In an effort to help our vulnerable, elderly, loved ones population, Senior Services manages and funds several programs such as Meals on Wheels, Senior Community Dining, and Senior Nutrition Programs for senior citizens in Mason and Thurston County.

Last year, through the help of donations from philanthropists such as Popp, the non-profit was able to serve more than 2,700 individual seniors through the Meals on Wheels and Senior Community Dining programs. In 2015, the non-profit expects to serve more than 110,000 meals to hungry seniors in our community.

For more information about Senior Services and how you can help support programs in your community, visit their website at We urge everyone to contribute in any way possible. No donation is too small.