Using Pump Performance Curves in PIPE-FLO® to Maximize System Efficiency

PIPE-FLO® uses individual data points to model the performance of centrifugal pumps instead of developing a mathematical expression to simulate the operation. This approach uses actual manufacturer supplied test curve data of head, efficiency, and NPSHr for the specific pump being supplied. This provides an extremely accurate model of the pump performance. The objective of this article is to provide insight on how to acquire an accurate model using a manufacturers supplied test data. In this article, we will be assuming the pump performance data is being read from a paper pump curve.

Figure 1 shows a test curve for an Olympia Pump, End Suction Pump (ESP), with a size of 4×3-7, performing at a test speed of 3550 RPM and a 7-inch diameter impeller.

Figure 1 – Example of manufacturer’s catalog pump curve showing performance data for a range of flow rates.