The HI Annual Meeting

HI Annual Meeting


The meeting provided attendees the opportunity to network with industry professionals, participate in several workshops, and attend “The Radical Leap” keynote session given by Best-Selling Author Steve Farber.

At the HI Annual Meeting Tabletop Display Reception and Welcome Dinner, ESI showcased its award-winning portfolio of PUMP-FLO™ products that help remove the barriers between pump manufacturers and end users around the world.

In addition to the Tabletop Reception, ESI also hosted a 1-hour long Pump Knowledge Workshop where ESI’s Chief Engineer and Co-Founder Ray Hardee presented P•SMART. The free P•SMART software enables engineers and operators to model up to 5 working pipelines and is only available from HI.

Straight From the Heart Fundraiser

In the February edition of the ESI News Brief, we mentioned that ESI was scheduled to participate in the United Way of Thurston County’s sixth annual Straight from the Heart fundraiser.

This year ESI co-owners, Ray and Carolyn Hardee, donated a private 1-hour flight tour over Puget Sound in Ray’s Cessna 400 airplane.

We are proud to announce that the event’s auction raised over $160,000 which was all donated to the Rotary Foundation to support clean water projects around the world.

For more information about the United Way and how you can help support programs in your community, visit the United Way website at We urge everyone to contribute in any way possible. No donation is too small.