Hydraulic Institute Launches P•SMART (Pump System Modeling and Reporting Tool)

Parsippany, NJ – The Hydraulic Institute (HI) offers P•SMART software (Pump System Modeling and Reporting Tool) built to help mechanical engineers, pump end-users, engineering consultants and distributors to simulate pump operations prior to installation to better understand the effects on pipeline systems. Developed as a joint venture between Engineered Software Inc. and HI, the P•SMART software helps engineers visualize the interaction of different components within the overall hydraulic system for optimized outcomes, reduced costs and greater cost efficiencies.

“We created P•SMART to aid engineers in making the best decisions associated with their process or pipeline system,” notes Christy Bermensolo, Chief Executive Officer, Engineered Software Inc. “By modeling the interaction between the pump and the hydraulic network, as well as the effects of different operating parameters, P•SMART helps users see the effects of a proposed expansion on a pump’s performance.”

Faster and smarter than a spreadsheet, P•SMART allows engineers to size pumps, pipelines, control valves and orifices by drawing piping schematics on a FLO-sheet using power drawing tools. Static conditions like fluid properties, pipeline properties, elevations, and other variables can be added to simulate multiple operating scenarios. Calculated results are presented on the FLO-Sheet as well as through multiple reports to analyze hydraulic simulations.

Through modeling simulation, P•SMART helps identify and isolate bottlenecks in the system to eliminate costly equipment failures as well as optimize total system design. The free software tool’s also utilized for understanding Pump Affinity Laws, viscosity correction pump curve equations, pump cavitation, and pump energy optimization analysis. Error messages help identify when pumps are running off the curve, cavitating, operating below minimum flow rate, and other safety-related conditions.

“Using P•SMART, engineers can easily model a pumping station, calculate required total head and NPSHa for pump selection, size pipes based on velocity and pressure drop and calculate a control valve’s flow coefficient,” notes Mark Sullivan, Director, Education and Marketing, Hydraulic Institute. “By simulating how a hydraulic system may operate under a variety of conditions, P•SMART supports engineers in making better decisions and designing the most efficient pumping systems.”

The P•SMART software is available for free downloaded on the HI website at www.pumps.org on September 23, 2014. For more information on this new software tool, email Mark Sullivan, Director, Education and Marketing, Hydraulic Institute at msullivan@Pumps.org or by cell phone at 973-349-5329.

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