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Process Measurement & Control Webinar

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The Process Measurement & Control Webinar is a two-hour live web training event that provides a solid foundation for your fundamental process measurement and controls knowledge. You will learn why it’s important to measure and control a process to reduce variability and increase profits.

What's the best part about the webinar? No travel required and you can earn two (2) professional development hours! You can apply what you learn during the webinar directly back in your workplace.

After two hours, you will understand:

  • The overall process measurement and controls architecture

  • What instruments are used to measure key process parameters

  • The major elements of a typical process control loop

  • The types of controller action and the importance of tuning a control loop

  • Various control schemes that can be implemented to reduce the variability of a process

  • The evolution of process measurement and control

This webinar is two hours starting at 10 AM Pacific Time (1 PM Eastern Time) and ending with a question and answer period. You can also ask questions during the presentation using the tools available with the WebEx client. Course materials are provided in Adobe PDF format.

Participants will need to install the WebEx client prior to the webinar in order to view the presentation (your local IT representative may need to assist you if you don’t have administrator privileges). WebEx is best viewed using the Internet Explorer browser. To receive the audio, participants will need to phone in to the WebEx call-in toll number.

Your web seminar registration entitles you to:

  • A single invitation to attend the 120-minute webinar

  • The opportunity to connect with the speaker during the audience Q&A

  • A copy of the presentation in Adobe PDF format

  • One Completion Certificate per purchase awarding 2 professional development hours.  Accredited registrants must track their points and submit activities to their state's licensing board. Please keep a copy of the Course Certificate, which will include an event description and date/time details to submit when required for proof of completion.

For Groups: If you have a large group that would like to attend the webinar, call us at 800-786-8545 for rate information. Credit card payments only.

Call toll free: 1-800-786-8545. Our Customer Satisfaction Representatives can answer any questions and register you in minutes. If you need help with online registration: click here to send us a message.

Class Outline

Register Now! | Class Outline | Schedule | Brochure

The objective of this 2 hour Process Measurement & Control Webinar is to provide the attendee with the fundamental knowledge of process measurement and controls. This course covers the following topics:

  • Various levels in the overall architecture of process controls

  • Major components and their roles in a process control loop

  • Primary elements used to measure key process parameters

  • Devices used as final control elements

  • Types of controllers and controller action

  • The P-I-D algorithm and the importance of tuning a control loop

  • Control schemes that can be implemented to reduce process variability

  • The evolution of process measurement and controls in the digital age