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Knowing how to use a tool effectively separates the skilled craftsman from the worker. PIPE-FLO Professional is easy to use, but like any comprehensive software tool, there are tools and tips that the basic tutorial cannot cover. There are program features that will save you loads of time while providing a clearer picture of how your piping system operates. In our FLO-Master Seminars, our instructors demonstrate a step-by-step approach to use with PIPE-FLO Professional on your next piping project.

After attending a FLO-Master Seminar, you will be able to take advantage of the latest program features, build your system models faster, and tackle the most complex fluid piping project. We also provide case studies, and demonstrate how you can use PIPE-FLO Professional to design a more efficient piping system.

The two-day seminar provides you with a detailed understanding of how piping systems operate. By simulating the interaction of pipelines, pumps, components and controls throughout the system, you will gain a greater knowledge of piping system devices and how they operate as a system.

With this course, you will receive a 200+ page full color course manual, a valuable future resource! This is the ONLY authorized guidebook available on PIPE-FLO and it contains so much more. Click on the image to see a preview of the chapters and topics covered in the FLO-Master Training Manual, and course. We've also included a chapter in the preview so you can see just what you will learn.

FLO-Master Seminars will help you:

  • Build a PIPE-FLO Professional model of your piping system in less time.
  • Understand fluid flow theory to gain an understanding of the total piping system.
  • Increase your proficiency in the use of PIPE-FLO Professional and become a valued resource to your company.
  • Spend less time learning how to use the software and more time evaluating piping projects.
  • Maximize the use of PIPE-FLO Professional's program features and increase your productivity.

General Information:

  • Course length is 2 days. First day: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Second day: 8:30 am to about 3:30 pm.
  • Individual computers provided for hands-on learning.
  • Lunch and refreshments are provided.
  • This training seminar qualifies for 15 Professional Development Hours (PDH) needed to meet the continuing education requirements for Professional Engineers in many states.


Class Outline

The objective of FLO-Master seminars is to provide the skills needed to effectively utilize PIPE-FLO Professional analysis software. Our emphasis is on demonstrating a step-by-step approach that will enable you to design, analyze, and troubleshoot fluid piping systems. Each attendee has use of a computer to gain hands-on experience in using PIPE-FLO Professional (expanded version of Flow of Fluids software) to model a variety of typical piping system.


PIPE-FLO Introduction
Course Objectives
PIPE-FLO Introduction
Program Interface
System Devices

Building a Model
Initiating a System
Fluid Zones
Pipe Specifications
Draw the System
Enter Design Data
Improve Presentation Value

Calculate the Model
Evaluate Results
Using Graphs
Using Reports

Validation & Operating Scenarios
Validate Model
Creating / Copying Lineups
Evaluate Minimum Flow Recirculation Orifice
Evaluate Varying Operating & Equipment Conditions
Failure Analysis
Changing Fluid Properties

System Modifications
Duplex Strainer Tie-In
Resize Pipes
Resize Strainer
Resize Pump
Size Control Valve
Dedicated Pump Option
Pump Selection
Size Control Valve

Using Datalink
Create ODBC Database
Query Database from Excel
Use Database to Calculate Pipe Weight
Install Datalink DLQ Add-In
Use Datalink to Calculate Operating Costs

Engineering Data Tables
Downloadable Data Tables
Table Manager
Customizing Pipe Tables
Customizing Valve and Fitting Tables
Fluid Tables
Custom Pipe Specifications

High Point with Siphon Effect
Modify System
Evaluate Messages
Install Control Valve at Tank
Install BPV at Tank
Install Balancing Orifice at Tank

Variable Speed Pump System
Primary / Secondary Systems
Expanding a System
Balancing After an Expansion
Pump Reconfiguration
Pipeline Reconfiguration

Compressible Gas System
Limits of Darcy-Weisbach
Review System & Lineups
Evaluate Messages
Compressibility Check Sheet
Update Model to Pass Compressibility Check
Choked Flow in Control Valve

Who Should Attend

Is this training right for me?

FLO-Master Seminars are ideal for those using the PIPE-FLO Professional program to design, build, operate, and maintain fluid piping systems. For over eighteen years, professionals involved in piping projects have benefited from the FLO-Master Seminars. Both new and experienced PIPE-FLO Professional users will gain from this class because it is as much about piping system operation as it is about the software. Attendees from all skill levels are invited to attend, and we guarantee you will learn something new.