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For use in print


EPS format: for print uses

Download these logos using the links below. Your browser should either prompt you to save the file or will automatically download the file.

  1. To download .eps files: Click on "download" and follow instructions in dialog box.

Color EPS (download) Black and White EPS (download)


Vertical format

To provide design flexibility, a vertical version of the logo is also available. The vertical format is an acceptable alternative only in those cases where design constraints do not accommodate the horizontal logo. This version is not meant to be interchangeable with the official horizontal logo. To maintain as much visual consistency as possible, the more widely used horizontal logo is the preferred format. Please contact Engineered Software Public Relations if you have any question about which logo to use.

Color EPS (download) Black and White EPS (download)


Purple Grape (Integral Symbol)

The Purple Grape may be used as a design element, but is not an acceptable alternative to the vertical or horizontal logo.

Color EPS (download) Black and White EPS (download)


Other considerations

Do not alter the Grape, wordmark or logo in its entirety. These elements should not be redrawn, resized, rotated, animated, shadowed, screened or created in three dimensions without authorization from Engineered Software. Please note: The wordmark must not be used as a separate graphic element. For certain applications it is acceptable to use the Purple Grape without the wordmark. Please check with Engineered Software if you wish to do so.


Download the logo for use on the Web  

All images are 300 dpi.

  1. To download .tiff files: Click on the appropriate size hyperlink and follow instructions in dialog box.

If you do not have access to an imaging program, you can download one of the exact sizes below. Right click on the appropriate link and choose "Save Target As..." your computer will download the file.

Three additional sizes are also available. Note that these images are for Web use only, and are not appropriate for use in printed publications (for print uses, please use the EPS format):

If you need help preparing a version of the logo to meet your specific Web needs, please contact Engineered Software at

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